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Introducing birth tissue donation as an option during Caesarean-section deliveries is an incredibly powerful way for hospitals to serve their communities. Our program allows mothers to welcome their babies into the world while simultaneously generating upwards of 100 grafts to help patients in need benefit from the therapeutic agents of birth tissue. It’s a simple, selfless process, and one that we make absolutely seamless for participating hospitals and providers to implement into their care.

What we provide our partners

TDS works closely with Medical Providers to ensure a positive donation experience for all.

  • TDS staff and supplies. Our tissue recovery process is designed for minimal disruption to hospital staff during the birth.
  • Staff education. We ensure your team is well-informed on the ins and outs of the entire birth tissue donation process.
  • Brochures for expectant mothers. Those who plan to have a Caesarean birth can learn more about birth tissue donation and its benefits.
  • Tissue management. From the delivery room to packaging, labeling and shipping, we take exceptional care of the mother’s precious gift.

TDS is a fully accredited agency with over 40 years of experience developing tissue donation programs that have served nearly six million people in Tennessee and southwest Virginia. We follow all FDA regulations and guidelines for the transfer of HCT/P tissue-based products under 21 CFR Part 1271.

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Our birth tissue program extends and enhances the value doctors, clinicians and hospitals provide to their respective communities, advancing the care of countless patients in need with each donation. We do everything we can to make participation effortless for our partners by ensuring donor eligibility, meeting the needs of processors, coordinating with doctors and staff, and conducting ongoing evaluation to maintain consistent quality and service. Contact us today if you’re interested in making birth tissue recovery an invaluable part of your hospital’s birth center services.

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