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Each donation story is unique, but they all fill us with hope, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. We’re honored to be able to share these stories with you.

Jim and Carol
Nina and Scott

“I’m extremely grateful for Brendon’s donor because now he gets to live the life he deserves.”

~Brendon, Kidney Recipient

“I’m extremely grateful and I’d say the best part of life is knowing that I’m able to get up in the morning and.. continue to live the excellent adventure life is today.”


“I was Jonathan’s Defensive Line Coach and he was one of my toughest players… The last thing he requested was for me to receive the gift of life from him”


“The entire donation process from start to the finish is so respectful and dignified. And Joe would be very pleases to know that was handled that way and that I was treated that way.”


“The doctors told me you probably have two years to live. My transplant gave me everything back that I had lost.”


“… When Christy was five years old, the cardiologist said she was showing signs of rejection…. she needed a second transplant. Christy always tells everybody that she has three hearts.”


“I played a saxophone. I played that for eight years. Now, I’m able to play music because of the transplant I had and I have the greatest gratitude for the donor family for allowing it to happen….”


“I never got to got to meet Adam… i have another family now life is regenerating and we have to keep regenerating life.”


“Donor bone was used to reconstruct a vertebra in his neck and he is now fully functional.”

~Jim and Carol

“As a physician, I spent my life taking care of other patients and trying to help them get their lives back. It has really changed my doctor-patient relationship having been on the other side of the equation.”


“I can’t begin to express my gratitude, so many people never get the chance to reach…”


“…My son Adam had a major brain hemorrhage and he could not recover from it… I decided to do some volunteer work with Donor Services and I feel like if I can tell my story and if one person in that crowd decides to be an organ donor, then I’ve done my job.”


“I am not only grateful for my new heart. But I feel it’s really my responsibility to take care of it.”


“They did some further testing and they found that a cancer had developed in my liver. They said that I was going to need a transplant to save my life.”


“One week he was fine the next week we were in the hospital waiting for a transplant. He’s here because of his donor.”


“The only thing that would save me is a double lung transplant…. To give life as your last act on earth. There’s not too many other things more amazing than that.”


“Without the gift that another person gave to me. I wouldn’t have the life that I have now.”


“Through the passing of my daughter four lives were saved. I have been sharing her story as an ambassador with Donate Life.”


“It’s difficult when a family goes through losing a loved one. It’s not expected…. Organ donation allows you to realize what your loved ones done and that they live on in the world around you based off of the lives that they’ve saved.”

~Nina and Scott

“My donor was a young woman and she gave her heart to me. In essence, I have a young heart and I’m very thankful for that.”


“My father was on dialysis and he was getting sick and i loved my father a lot when I gave my father my kidney it made our family stronger.”


“… Knowing that my son thought about being a donor, signed up for being a donor and knowing that in this world when you leave you can’t take anything with you, but to have that Ultimate gift to me. It’s the last thing anybody could ever give and to give to another human being.”


“I was at an event and I stumbled upon a Donate A Life booth to my surprise. The representative informed me that I was eligible to sign up for the Donate Life registry. I feel that donation is so important, please don’t assume that you can’t be a donor. Everyone can register.”


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