Sharing Stories of Selflessness for National Donor Day

February 14, 2024

Lisa Boullt remembers her sister Andrea through “17 Again: A Story of Life After Life”

Thirty years ago, Andrea Michelle Boullt tragically lost her life in a car accident in Monroe, LA, at the age of 17. Despite the devastating loss, Andrea was able to become an organ donor on that fateful day, which profoundly impacted the lives of at least 6 recipients.

Inspired by a conversation with a friend whose son was also an organ donor, Lisa Boullt – Andrea’s sister – realized her knowledge of her sister’s donation was incomplete. Motivated to dive deeper into Andrea’s story and raise awareness about organ donation, Lisa embarked on a journey to uncover the details of her sister’s donation.

Lisa was able to connect with Libby at LOPA, the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency, who revealed a single document detailing Andrea’s donation recipients, sparking hope and gratitude in Lisa’s heart. In a poignant gesture, Libby sent Lisa a bronze medallion inscribed with the words “One selfless act creates endless ripples,” symbolizing the far-reaching impact of organ donation.

Through writing from Andrea’s perspective, Lisa reconnected with her sister’s friends and gained perspective into Andrea’s life. Emboldened by this newfound insight into her sister’s legacy, Lisa created a remarkable story of life after life emphasizing the significance of organ procurement organizations in initiating positive change.

“17 Again,” Lisa Boullt’s book, is a testament to finding hope amidst grief. The book’s release date coincided with what would have been Andrea’s 47th birthday: August 10, 2023. Learn more at

Donor Heroes are Superheroes

Logan’s passion for the outdoors, particularly paintball, was evident from a young age. However, at 16-years-old, his love for adventure took a devastating turn when he suffered a severe injury to his left eye while exiting a paintball field. Despite undergoing surgery to address the trauma-induced cataract and replace the lens, Logan’s vision remained impaired. It became clear that he required a cornea transplant to fully restore his sight.

Thanks to the generosity of a 70-year-old donor, Logan’s vision was ultimately restored. Fueled by gratitude for the gift of sight, Logan made the selfless decision to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor himself. Fast forward to October 14, 2019, just days before his 31st birthday, tragedy struck once more when Logan was involved in a fatal accident caused by a negligent driver. On that fateful day, Logan’s wishes were realized as he became a donor, offering his cornea to grant sight to a 21-year-old and contributing to the improvement of over 500 lives through tissue grafts. Logan’s mother, Trina Long, will forever call this day “Logan’s Donor Day,” marking the beginning of a profound journey of self-discovery and purpose.

Following Logan’s passing, his mother embarked on a deeply personal quest to honor her son’s memory and the legacy of giving he left behind. Through volunteering with Legacy Donor Services Foundation and later Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency, she found solace and a sense of purpose in advocating for organ donation. Inspired by Logan’s story and driven by a desire to educate others, she spearheaded initiatives such as educational events, public speaking engagements and the creation of “Donor Heroes Are Superheroes,” a children’s book aimed at educating others about organ donation in a relatable and engaging manner. Born out of tragedy and fueled by love, this project has since blossomed into a global movement, reaching thousands of children and families across diverse cultural backgrounds and languages. As she continues to navigate her own journey of healing and growth, Logan’s mother remains committed to spreading hope and awareness through her tireless advocacy efforts.

Learn more about Logan’s story and the Donor Heroes are Superheroes activity book at

Choices: A mother’s journey through loss

On July 31, 2011, 25-year-old Kevin Daniel “Sunshine” Yates was killed by a drunk driver while driving home from work. Kevin LOVED life! He was most known for his smile that would light up any room. He was kind, fun-loving, compassionate and would do what he could to help someone in need. Inspired by a friend who was an organ donor, Kevin had chosen to be one himself. His organs saved four lives and improved many others.

Shortly after Kevin’s death, his family began communicating with his organ recipients. The first letter, from heart recipient Melvin Ellis, arrived on Kevin’s birthday, April 2, 2012. Three months later, they met Melvin and heard Kevin’s heartbeat again. They formed a close bond and remain in touch.

Ten years later, they met Kevin’s right kidney recipient, Rob Gregory, who was kind and humble.

In Kevin’s memory, his mother and brother founded the non-profit 1N3 to raise awareness about drunk driving. They chose to forgive the driver responsible for Kevin’s death, who now speaks for the organization. 1N3 has reached over 7 million people, spreading awareness about drunk driving, forgiveness and organ donation. Visit for more information, and click HERE to read more about Kevin’s donation story.

In addition to founding the non-profit 1N3, Tiki Finlayson has also authored a book called “Choices: A journey of loss, life, justice and forgiveness.” Click HERE to purchase a copy.

Below is a video of Kevin’s donor family meeting his heart recipient, Melvin.

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