A Message for Scot Pollard

February 26, 2024

Local Heart Transplant Recipients Send Well-Wishes to Former Sacramento Kings Player On His Recent Heart Transplant 

Five Sacramento area heart transplant recipients have created a social media video congratulating former NBA player, Scot Pollard, who just received a heart transplant Friday in Nashville, Tennessee.  

The above video features: 

  • Lacey Felder, Placerville resident – received heart transplant at 18 months over 30 years ago and a kidney transplant in 2006;  
  • Keith Ivy, Roseville resident – received a heart transplant 14 years ago; 
  • Mollie Murphy, Sacramento resident – received a heart transplant 22 years ago when she was 13; 
  • Earl Lovell, Suisun city resident– received a heart recipient 13 years ago; 
  • And Dwayne Wilson, West Sacramento resident – received a heart transplant nearly three years ago. 

“Although Scot Pollard left Sacramento several years ago, he’s still in our hearts,” said heart and kidney transplant recipient Lacey Felder. “As a big fan of his, I was so happy to hear that someone saved his life—just like someone saved mine.” 

Felder received her transplant 34 years ago, when she was only 18 months old. 

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my donor,” said heart transplant recipient Dwayne Wilson. “Receiving a transplant is a blessing that I can’t accept without reflecting on my donor with deep gratitude.”  

Wilson received his heart transplant two years ago and is thriving. He and all the other recipients believe they are living proof of the miracle that donation can bring to lives. They urge everyone to sign up to save lives.  

Scot Pollard with his wife Dawn, before his heart transplant

For years, Pollard has been admired for his generosity — on and off the court — in Sacramento. 

“Scot and his wife, Dawn, have always given back to the community, whether it’s volunteering at a food bank or lending their support,” said heart transplant recipient Wilson. “I know that we’ll be able to count on them for their support for organ and tissue donation.” 

According to Sean Van Slyck, Sierra Donor Services’ Executive Director, their life-saving work only occurs with the help of recipients like Pollard who share their stories, and donors and donor families who are willing to share the most impactful of gifts.  

“After a record-breaking year with regard to organ and tissue donations, Scot’s new heart is a great reminder that the work of our team and each and every member of the donor community never ends,” said Van Slyck.

“Miracles like this one happen every day, many times with teams working together very closely across state lines and facing challenging time constraints. The work is only possible due to the generosity of our donors and donor families.”

Sharing messages of hope and healing with Scot Pollard on FOX40

Local News Anchors for FOX40, local donor recipients Dwayne Wilson and Lacey Wood and Michael Coleman from Sierra Donor Services

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