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William Michael Cherry, Jr.

William Michael Cherry Jr, was born in Franklin, TN, into a large family, of which, he was amongst the oldest grandchildren of twenty-three — making him a natural born giver. He gave his little sister and cousins whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, but the thing he gave most was love. So, its not surprising that upon examining his mother’s drivers license on the way to the DMV to get his permit, he questioned the red heart– to which she informed him that it identifies her as an organ donor and he thought it was a “cool” concept.

In July of 2021, William was in an ATV accident, and his loving and giving nature superseded his time on this earth through the act of organ donation. The concept he had previously shown interest in, helped provide longevity to three other lives. And that is the most “William” way to live—through others by the act of loving and giving.

We love and miss him every day.

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Saying thank you

Many donor families find that corresponding with the transplant recipient or recipients can be a powerful experience. Donor families can take comfort in sharing stories and sending well wishes to those who live on because of their loved one.

Should you choose to connect, we're here to help. Letters and cards can be a tremendous gift to both the donor families and recipients. To protect everyone, we provide guidelines for communication. Names remain confidential unless both parties agree to share those with one another, and we provide a correspondence address. We are happy to share sample letters to help you get started.

For more information about corresponding with recipients, please call us at 615-564-3649.

We can only do it together

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When you register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, you leave a lasting legacy and bring hope to those waiting.

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