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Breanna Leigh Chadwick

Organ Donor


July 8, 2022

Born on January 26, 2002, to Heath and Kristy Chadwick, Breanna Leigh Chadwick quickly became the light in her family’s lives. Having an infectious smile and a laugh that could bring anyone into it, Breanna had both a sweetness and sassiness like nothing else. Not only was she able to give honest feedback with her famous sarcastic smirk, but she was known for being able to cut to the chase perhaps better than anyone else. From playing various sports such as softball, basketball, and lacrosse, Breanna irradiated dedication mixed with mercy for those around her. She cheered on all of her friends, family members, and teammates alike showing us all the true essence of sportsmanship.

Athletics was only one of Breanna’s passions. She was an incredibly loving and devoted person who cherished her relationships with family and friends, especially with her best friend and sister Kirstin. Breanna always sought to be a shining example of her Christian faith, and it was her desire that everyone around her experience the same kind of heavenly peace she had found through salvation. Knowing Breanna meant being blessed by the joy and love she radiated, and she is dearly missed.

Breanna Chadwick was a remarkable individual whose life was surrounded by both adoring children and animals. With an abundance of enthusiasm and kindness, Breanna managed to captivate everyone she encountered. At the time of her passing, she had been studying to become an elementary school teacher – a career path that would have most assuredly enabled her to bring about tremendous success. Everywhere Breanna ventured, even the shyest of children were drawn in thanks to her attention and remarkable charm. Undoubtedly, many lives were changed for the better due to her presence; even still, after leaving us in such a tragic way, all that remains are cherished memories and lasting happiness that Breanna provided while she was here. As a tribute to her generous spirit and selflessness, Breanna donated several organs upon her death – as it is believed what lives on past death is how we impact the world whilst alive.

Breanna Leigh Chadwick
Sunrise: January 26, 2002
Sunset: July 8, 2022

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.’ ” John 11: 25-26

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