Tiki Finlayson, Donor Mom & Rev. Melvin Ellis, Heart Recipient

Connect With Recipients

Many donor families find that corresponding with recipient(s) can be a powerful experience. In addition, many families take comfort in sharing stories and sending well wishes to those who live on because of their loved one.

Getting started may be the hardest part. You might not be ready to write a letter at this time. It might be months or longer before you’re able to express your feelings. There’s no time limit or requirement to correspond. This is a personal decision that only you can make.

If and when you’re ready, we’re here to help. All names are kept confidential unless both parties have agreed to share their identities with one another. If you decide to write, we have some guidelines, sample letters, and an address to use for sending your correspondence. Letters and cards can be such a gift—to both the donor families and recipients.

For more information about corresponding with recipients, please call us at 615-564-3649.